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CoHousing GONE GREEN ~ suelo de la Tierra

Introducing the CoHousing GONE GREEN Blog Post

"My Co-Home Project" M.C.H.P.

Welcome to a Unique Green CoHousing Community of future Eco-Villages; delivering Self Awareness & Self Sustainability, and sharing within a Healthy Community that is reducing the Foot-Print on the planet, and this concept is capturing the World's attention at all corners of the Earth ~

CoHousing GONE GREEN has a defined shared design, concept, and affordability that brings these Communities to Life!

Seeking Investors and or Donations that can assist to open the door-ways towards a new beginning of Living at our first true GONE GREEN Eco-Village of suelo de la Tierra.

Your donations deliver Peace & Harmony in a world of unpredictability of safe food, water and shelter, along with assisting to re-design and help preserve the Earth with Permaculture standards ~

Renewable Energy, Natural Water Filtration, Composting, Deep Wells/Springs, Green Housing Designs, Live Stock & small Farming is just a small part of Self Sustainability, and CoHousing GONE GREEN is about bringing together Eco-Warriors that wish to share in a community inwhich works and shares together, therefore creating the ability for men, women and all families to live in a sustained environment harmonizing together and creating an education and training that helps deliver these GONE GREEN communities across the Earth to those that may not have had the ability to create this self sustainability on their own whether because of finances, and/or the inability to furnish the man/woman power to fulfill all aspects of a Sustainable living environment on their own.

This project is packed full of new ideas for GREEN sustained living along with it's own blog to share concepts and designs with others; and, also designed with Permaculture Standards, yet providing an eclectic home feel, with each home unique to each other - from 'Earth Ships' to Contemporary 'Container Homes, Dome and Tiny Houses, and more ~

Bringing a feel to the neighbourhood of none other!

Visit us today at, and please 'like us' at to help deliver this new Green CoHousing Community to the World.

A variety of Co-Housing developments throughout America have been popular for a while now, and for GOOD REASON, although designing one that is in Harmony with the Earth and Nature, and a development of full sustainability that is affordable and practical is believed to be the most sought after Living-Environment in this new Era!

Soon to come, CoHousing.News ~ seeking out the greatest technologies in sustainability and sharing with all -

Green Energy for Earth, For Nature, For our Future.

In appreciation,

Dj Shirley, TTEE


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