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"Sharing knowledge and helping thy Neighbour" is the MOTTO in these GONE GREEN Cohousing Communities ~ 


Bringing an eceletic feel to a neighbourhood with Earthships,  Cob Homes, Tiny Houses, Container Homes, and more, along with shared farming & gardening, separates this Green Cohousing Community from most others, and to achieve this, it will take a Joint Effort.  Depending on the location GONE GREEN Eco-Villages, the building structures will depend on the State, County restrictions. However, the Tiny Homes on wheels appears to have less stringent restrictions and should be able to be built anywhere.  However, we're seeing that many states are enforcing laws that stop off Grid Living, such as Texas & Florida.  


Growing food for Security,

and having extra to SHARE is from the Heart and Intention of this GONE GREEN Concept ~



A Few ideas of Green Homes that can be considered for this Green Community project are:


  • Cobb Homes

  • Earth & Home Ships

  • Container Homes

  • Tiny Homes



Keeping in mind that there are stringent building codes if built in the U.S., and permitting can be difficult in certain Counties/Cities and possibly other Countries.  Obtaining a local-acceptation to the building codes, demonstrating that the techniques of building we are using must meet minimum Wind load requirements and minimum building code requirements (etc) for constructing a building, etc and will be achieved with greater ease from the knowledge and assistance from other Earth Ship, Cobb Home, and other Green Communities, inwhich has been compiled, and any other knowledge and experience is highly welcomed, please forward!


The intent is to have no monthly fees for the Eco-Warriors that have an Abode at any of the GONE GREEN Eco-Villages, and shares and assists with thy Neighbour.


Continued funding will provide for necessary taxes on the land, as each Homeowner opts into the Communities Shared Gardening and Live Stock Sustainability food program.  Such as:  If each homeowner grows a minimum of two veggtables and one small farm animal such as a Goat or Chicken, this can deliver a variety of foods for the Community, similar to having it's own Farmer's Market - Bringing Affordability & Practicality to this Development!  











CoHousing Gone Green ~ Neighbours


In Harmony with Nature



This "My Co-Home Project" is a Crowd Funding Project forTrue Sustainable Communities of no mortgages, and a Stress-Free Living experience that also shares FREE Food with those that are less fortunate -


GONE GREEN is EVERYONE's project,  sharing in a community of like minded men and women from all walks of life, which will prosper the most if people with a variety of interests and abilities would engage in these Communities, such as men and/or women that may have experience with, and or training in:


  • Earth Ship, Tiny Homes and or Cobb Construction Enthusiasts

  • Gardening, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture

  • Herbalogy

  • Farm Animals

  • Herbalogy

  • Plumbers & Electricians

  • Mechanics

  • Carpenters

  • Roofers

  • Plumbers

  • Building Contractors / sub-contractors of all trades

  • Green Home Building & Solar Applications

  • Water Specialists

  • Solar/Renewable Energy, and other Green Technologies

  • Law

  • Medical - Doctors, Nurses, Holistic Doctors, Energy Medicine . . . and more





The Concept for GONE GREEN is the Crowd Funding for the Land, and Neighbours sharing and helping each other Design & Build their own Green Homes - with each neighbour having a minimum of two organic vegatables growing at their property along with a minimum of one small farm animal (unless they're Vegan)  

With this, the time and energy that would be needed in a full organic Garden for the family and farm animals, is no longer a large burden on the home owner in the Community as Neighbours can gather in an area of the Community weekly and bring their Abundance from their small gardens and farm, to share with others - this provides a Farmer's Market setting in their own Community and delivers Sustainability for Food without the overwhelming maintenance of full gardens and farms at each Home.


A Concept that allows Affordability & Practicality in a Sustainable Community ~


Neighbours, desiring Green Homes and True Sustainability in a rural atmosphere, to cherish and share Experiences in Green Living together, where they share together, help each other, build together, and learn from each other ~ through the good and the bad.












a Gathering House  ~ suelo de la Tierra


Ideally, if funding permited, there could be a multi-functioning, 'Green' Gathering House as the focal point of this Cohousing Green Community inwhich brings together a sharing of sustainability in a variety of means, bringing together Neighbours  ~ and, again if funding permited, may open up the idea of adding additional farming near the Gathering House; thereby enveloping the designated Community areas of Gardening and Live Stock so that accessibility to this Gathering House is easy for Washing up and using Lavatories & Showers after activities, not to mention for Gathering for any occasion, and having a connected work-shop, kitchen, small library, and laundry area.  


Co-Housing families actively participate in the communities operation, design & maintenance inwhich delivers the Affordability and Practicality of the Community, along with occasionally sharing healthy meals, education, recreation and the gardens & trails.  The GONE GREEN Cohousing developments will desire the respect of the environment, and be of the highest quality of an eco-friendly community including some of the most innovative of alternative Green-Energy solutions / technologies, shared by All.






With funding permitting, An area of approximately 1-3+ acres can be reserved to accommodate horse stables and fenced horse runs, depending on the amount of interest on owning a horse in the development and wanting a Community Stable.  


The real estate purchased from Crowd Funding for the GONE GREEN community projects should comply with agriculture needs, clean water wells, deeded for small farm animals, horses and housing of a variety of types of green abodes (or for one type of green home depending on Code Restrictions, etc) inwhich would accommodate and complete this unique Green CoHousing sustainable living experience ~ 



For more information, funding, ideas, updates and waiting lists, please email: 



The intent of this project is to not only Raise Funds for Land for Eco-Villages; however, is to also help bring Awareness, such as State/County Acceptance, of a variety of Designed Eco-Green Homes ~ Homes that Take care of us, not the other way around; such as Earthships & Cob Homes, Dome Homes, Tiny Homes, and other Environmentally Designed Homes. Delivering Awareness to the Need of Sustainability of Eco-Villages and Preserving & Restoring the Earth, with Permaculture in Mind. A Crowd-Funding Project that, also, delivers land to those needing & desiring to help build Green Homes & Share in Sustainability of Peaceful Communities while learning Permaculture Patterns and Designs, for a Self-Sustaining Eco-System.If you're able to donate Land and/or Give a Donation to impact this Movement, please visit


 The GONE GREEN projects are designed for Earth's Future, and ours, and also, a valuable option for Eco-Warriors that may be less fortunate and unable to be approved for a mortgage and or afford all the rising costs of Rents, Taxes, Food, Home/Vehicle Insurance, Utility and Electric bills; however, has the ambition, knowledge and or desire to learn how to build their own small Eco-Green Home with the help of their neighbors, and Live, Learn and Share in a Sustainable Community environment that can help deliver Balance & Harmony, and remove Stress of living from paycheck to paycheck, on a shoe-string budget... and, therefore, desires to down-size and simplify life, help others, grow food NOT lawns, and learn Permaculture, living within the Soil of the Earth ~


Future locations of these communities are determined by the interest -  Join today by eMailing your desired Eco-Village location to ~


Examples of Green Living and Sustainability, Tiny-Houses, Cobb Homes, Renewable Energy, and much more,

is at the "MORE" tab at the top right of this web page.



Our Planet has areas of great Concern , such as Drought, PH Imbalances, Poisoning  fromChemicals in our Soil &Waters, and certainly not enough knowledge of Permaculture Designs and Organic growing by Families, for self-preservation and Earth's future. 

   PERMACULTURE  Techniques & Designs has a way to TRICK Water into Flowing to desired and needed Directions for maxiumn benefits!  Please view this VIDEO presentation here> HELPING-OUR-PLANET

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