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Renewable Clean Energy Sources


Sunlight wind water geo thermo heat (a house facing South) and plant bio mass -

limited resources and proven technologies here and now:




Solar Energy (Self-Building an Earthship)



[NEW Technology documentary] Renewable Energy

Documentary 2014



Future of Free Power Energy - Secret Technology Documentary HD 2015 FULL







How do different types of Renewable Energy work?









Wind turbines for the beginner How to part one by Missouri Wind and Solar

Wind power is an affordable, efficient and abundant source of domestic electricity. It's pollution-free and cost-competitive with energy from new coal- and gas-fired power plants in many regions. In 2011 alone, 3,463 turbines went up across the United States. Today, American wind generates enough electricity to power more than 11 million homes, creates steady income for investors and landowners, and helps provide manufacturing, construction and operations jobs for 75,000 Americans.


WHAT RENEWABLE ENERGY IS AVAILABLE IN YOUR STATE?  Each state is different for the harvesting of homegrown, clean, renewable energy  - energy potential is typically of:  Wind, Solar, BioGas, Enhanced Geothermal Power, Cellulosic Biomass, Hydropower, Tidal Power, Wave Power, Offshore Renewables, Radiant Energy,



Developing sources of clean, renewable energy in America will create good jobs, boost local and regional economies, strengthen our national security and help curb global warming. Some of these renewable technologies are already making an important contribution to our domestic energy supply, and employ hundreds of thousands of Americans. Others have tremendous potential to add to our power supply, but will only be truly renewable if they are developed with an eye toward sustainability and environmental protection.




Installing A 2nd Solar Charge Controller In My Tiny House On Wheels


Barefoot Grandmothers Install Solar Power




Build A Wind Generator Using A Truck Alternator


Building the Wind Turbine from scratch


This wind turbine has no blades — and that’s why it’s better


How to restore your Old Car Batteries so that its reusable again and again…..Step by step Video Tutorials



How To Build A Woodstove Water Heating Attachment

Finding ways to save money can be really easy when options are available. You might be surprised to know you can build a woodstove water heating attachment.






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