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Cohousing GONE GREEN presents ~

A "Home" that takes care of us, instead of the other way around!

Cohousing GONE GREEN ~ 

suelo de la Tierra

Welcome to the "My Co-Home Project"  M.C.H.P.

Where it becomes Everyone's HOME Project!



Eco-Warriors & Enthusiasts of Tiny Homes, Container Homes, EarthShips, Cob Homes, Adobe...


If you are Eco-Friendly and seriously wanting to help Reduce our Carbon Footprint, by lessoning Toxic Waste on this Planet, adopting Renewable Energy, and becoming more Self-Sustainable by and through Growing Food NOT Lawns, and discovering PERMACULTURE TO 'RESTORE' our planet, then help us deliver the message of this Awareness that is soaring across THIS nation, and others,  and be apart of our Movement at GONE GREEN.

By:  #1 Donating Land o r Money, Trailers, RV's, Shipping Containers, Buses, Solar Panels, Lumber, and other building material, or

#2 Donating your time to help educate and bring Awareness, and become involved in our first Eco-Village

#3.  By becoming an Investor or Partner in our future GONE GREE Hydroponic Gardens across the Country



CoHousing GONE GREE is a Unique, Peaceful Green CoHousing Project with the intention of an eclectic feel with Harmony & Sustainability

GONE GREEN  is a Crowd-Funding Project

Regenerating the Earth, and all Life on it -


an Eco-Village whereas every Home is designed individually with Love by the Home Owner and their Neighbours, while preserving Nature, and Gardening, as it envelopes into more than just solar-powered Green Home Living  ~  



It's not enough to have Eco-Villages, as some may be in areas of freezing or uncertain weather in which doesn't accomodate many types of food varieties, including the fact that much of our soil is now full of chemicals and toxins that are not condusive to nutritios foods for Healing and delivering a Quality of Life.

Hydroponics Green Housing has a business plan is in place, and ready for investors -  to invest in theirself, their families futute in Food, and to bring healing foods to all parts of this country.

This food is known to be more healing that the foods grown in our soil today - 

The Harvest is weekly, and the ROR is very good for the investors and or partners involved.

We deliver healthy & healing greens to those area less fortunate and still have a large business to earn a living for our familes/partners, investors involved.

Contact GONE GREEN at today for an NCND and more information, and start investing in yourself and the future of our Earth and the Children.


















The  CoHousing GONE GREEN Community Project has a concept that is believed to be not only the greatest for Sustainability Living and Rreducing our Foot-print and creating food for all; however, also a fantastic alternative in diversifying from an upside-down mortgage or renting . . . in a spiraling out of control economy where a large population is now on Food Stamps.


A fabulous Design as 'Land' that develops into a Wealth of Happiness, Healthy Living, and Security; bringing Families together in an environment that brings us back to the

Soil of the Earth ~ suelo de la Tierra


CoHousing GONE GREEN's intent is to bring Land from Crowd Funding efforts for those that are in Need & Desire to live Mortgage Free and share in a Community of True Sustainability ~ while reducing their foot-print on this Planet...

Bringing Awareness to those seeking a more Sustainabile Living Experience; and to help bring Education of this Living Experience and Share alike, thereby connecting those together that wish for the Peace & Harmony of this GONE GREEN Living Concept and Experience, and wishes to share within their Community, 

thereby delivering Affordability & Practicality in True Sustainability ~































Delivering Awareness and Information in one web-site that can be shared by all


This Informational website is to help, also, provide the Awareness towards a variety of unitque Green Homes Designs that can be Designed and Built for off or on the grid sustainability, including

information on Innovative ideas for Clean Reusable/Renewable Energy, Plumbing,

Organic Gardening, Composting, Permaculture and caring for small Farm Animals - and much more



Design & Build your Green Home Together!

Through shared information of the Green Home Technologies, and the shared communities, we Prevail ~





Before Bank Loans were available, Communities used to come together and help each family build their home ~


Informative Ideas & Help shared with our Neighbours ~ from Designing & Building our own Green Home; clean resuable Energy; Sources and Technologies; Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics, Organic Gardening, Composting, Permaculture, and natural solutions to water shortages & clean water, including Atmospheric Water Generators and Natural Water Distillation from the Sun, Water-Roof Collections, and musch more is vailable here  at the Tab at the top right of this Web Page that reads "MORE", and this information will continue to grow as we all come together  and share ~  Come back often!

Feel free to share your Green ideas by emailing us at



 Designing & Building an affordable & practical Home that takes care of us, supplies Power and Heats & Cools itself, and supplies plants that supplies food for us, and water that  comes from the roof ~ delivering a True Sustastainable Community







Certainly a wonderful new shift in futurism has been on the move, and thanks to innovative, and determined people like Michael Reynolds, we are on the cusp of bringing new Awareness to the Consciouisness in this country, and all across the Earth, as seen, also, in beautiful New Zealand  -

Creativity from the Heart!

Click here: New Zealand


The paradigm is changing completely – from expansion & technological advancement to sustainability and simplicity; and a new generation of Awareness is seeking future homeowners to not only reduce their carbon footprint, however, hopefully rid it completely utilizing Green-Homes, Recycled Materials,  Renewable Energy, state of the art Permaculture of cultivation intended to maintain permanent agriculture or horticulture by relying on renewable resources and a self-sustaining ecosystem, and much more.


A variety of  Green Co-Housing developments throughout America and the entire Earth have become very popular, and for good reason, and though designing one that is in Harmony with the Earth and Nature and of Affordability & Practicality, and a development of True Sustainability and or as close to this as possible, is believed to be the most sought after Living-Environment in this Era!  


And typically to achieve this type of Magnificence, needs a Joint Effort.

The purpose of CoHousing GONE GREEN's Crowd Funding Project, and we all need YOUR help!







Education, Ideas, Interests, Technologies, Workshops, Apprenticeships


The purpose of this web site is not only to assist in the Funding project for GONE GREEN acreage; however, it's intent is to deliver a wealth of Information in Building Green Homes. Workshops and Apprenticeships; Ideas, Design and Materials, along with many innovative ideas on Clean Reusuable Energy such as with Solar, Wind, Water - including plumbing, water and electrical ideas and designs towards Sustainability ~


Water is the largest commodity and there are many ideas, and technologies on alternative Water Filtration systems including ones to remove the toxic Memory from the water, the Chloramines, Fluorides etc; and how to clean up the drinking water in wells, streams, ponds, and innovative techniques for the house, roof water collection, and Natural Distillation processes -  Please Contribute to this site your Water Technologies.


This Educational area will also, have ideas and videos that show how to build an Organic Garden, Soil Testing - including Permaculture, Aeroponics, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Vertical Growing, and much more ...


And, last but not least, small Farm Animals - such as:  Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, and how to care for them, how to build a chicken coop and select egg laying chickens, and much more ...


Check back often, as we add and collect valuable information each week ~ and feel free to send in links to valuable sites, videos, etc that pertain to True Sustainability and Living on or off the Grid!


Click at the Tab at the top right of this web page that reads:  MORE,  for catagories on all of the above-mentioned Educational Material and check back often as we add more valuable information - feel free to contact us with additional information that you would like to add and share with others ~



Real Estate, and these popular Eco-Villages / Green Community Concepts are becoming a large interest in the U.S. and around the Earth.  Contact us for more information about designing one in YOUR area.

This project's (and future project's) funding page for the 'Land' can be seen at: 


Funding goes towards this first project's Land of approximately 5-30+ acres, and continues with projects thereafter throughout the Country,

and the Earth, helping Eco-Friendly men and women that are in need of Land, and desire to share in a GONE GREEN community, and reduce their Foot-Print on this beautiful Planet that is desperately calling out for our help -!





Affordability has always been a necessity when developing any community, including the Building Codes necessary to accomplish the type building structure and materials; and unfortunately in most CoHousing developments, the most important parts of being sustainable are left out because of cost-effectiveness and possibly one missing link is just thinking outside the box.  By bringing 'Neighbours' together that Share in a True Sustainable Community, delivers Affordability & Practicality, because it does take a JOINT EFFORT! ~  suelo de la Tierra


Reusable, Clean Energy is very popular, including Organic Gardening in our Back-Yards, and Premaculture, and even having a chicken coop; however, doing this alone is not always feasable as having a full time job, taking care of a home and possibly children, then along with cultivating for an organic garden and taking care of small farm animals is stress and very time-consuming on a home-owner, hence, brings us the need for this Unique CoHousing Community concept, and True Sustainability project ~



Sustainability vs True Sustainability


From research, it appears the most popular cohousing communities are Green and are situated in Harmony with the Environment, and typically have solar energy into duplicated pre-made brick & Mortar side-by-side housing structures that are for sale or rent. 

This is considered sustainability, however, even though this buzz word has a few definitions and ideas, one is that Sustainability is"meeting society's needs in a way that ensures the next generation's ability to meet their needs".  


 Sustainability has a meaning of a simple principle:


in which Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment.  Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations written by the EPA; and today, is being taken Very Seriously and is growing more Awareness as the years move forward.


Enjoying True Sustainability needs a concept such as GONE GREEN'S to bring Affordability & Practicality,

 along with Natural Heating & Cooling & Plumbing,

as it mirrors a zero Foot Print on the environment,

and also deliversing a Peaceful Connectiveness to Earth, along with Security and Peace of Mind.
















Your Home is Your Castle

No matter where one lives, we all make our Home our Castle - so lets do it while Regenerating the Earth!

However, Green Communities have a growing interest these days, and here at CoHousing Gone Green, the purpose is to bring these communites to LIFE, all across the Earth, of all Green living interests!


And with the Buzz on the streets about Green Sustainability, we're hearing that Real Estate designed with

Simplicity & Sustainability in mind, is delivering larger returns and demands - and it's No Wonder!!!


If you have a Need & Desire to live in True Sustainability, living and sharing in an Eco-Friendly Community, send us an eMail today at:




Hellp Spread the Word of True Sustainability, and Deliver Awareness!


Visit us on Face Book and "Friend and LIKE us" to follow important updates & weekly Green Ideas at Green and


And, Subscribe today at our You Tube Channel that shares Awareness, Updates and other Pertinent Information from GONE GREEN:






Check back often for updates and additional Green Information, and soon to come, CoHouing.News with News and BLOGS  for the Green CoHousing Eco-Friendly Enthusiasts, and off the Grid Living Lifestyles!











Soil of the Earth ~ suelo de la Tierra



Permaculture Designs,

delivering a better Earth for now and in the Future

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