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 Architecture / Green Homes


Green CoHousing and off the Grid Green CoHousing Communities are being developed all over the Earth,

and for good reason!


CoHousing GONE GREEN helps deliver an Awareness of the many varieties of wonderful Green homes available that take care of us, not the other way around; and how to Design & Build them in a Shared Community.  It's been over 100 years of architecture, and where has it gotten in the average cookie-cutter neighbourhood?  It's time to build a living experience, not a dwelling that drains us!

Encapsulating the most innovative technologies in Clean Reusable/Renewable Energy, Green Building Materials and Green Living, enveloping into an interest at heart to be part of a CoHousing GONE GREEN Community concept whereas everyone shares ideas, skills, cultivating food, and thereby delivering

True Sustainability


See the "MORE" Tab at the top of this web site for information on many Green Home Designs


The variety of specific building structures welcomed for this Green Community concept may require additional assistance to pass stringent building codes and permitting that is required across this nation, and other countries – With Motivation and Dedication working towards obtaining an acceptation to the building code for a Green Home may be accomplished by demonstrating that the techniques of building that we're using meet minimum Wind load requirements and minimum Building Code requirements, etc, etc  however, informative Green Home Building and the Building Contractor is the one that can bring this project to Life!



  suelo de la Tierra 

Soil of the Earth!

....the Dream of bringing Earth Ship Biotecture, Cobb Homes, Tiny Homes, and many other Earthly designs, together in Harmony in Communities of Like-Minded  Eco-Home-Owners seeking Affordability, Practicality & True Sustainability


Designed Homes such as, but not limited to:

  • Cobb Homes

  • Earth & Home Ships

  • Container Homes

  • Tiny Houses

  • Hobbit Style Homes

  • Dome Homes





CoHousing Gone Green is one-of-a-kind, separating this one from all the others, allowing each family an opportunity to Design and Build their own Green-Home with the help of Friends & Family and others in the community, enveloping into a Shared Green Community of Gardening/Farming/Free Food, Continued Education on Renewable Energy & Green Building and much more... 





Providing a Warm & Tranquil Living-Green Environment that preserves Nature utilizing Permaculture; and is also, full of healthy activities, and a feeling of Home -

Centered around preserved Trees & Nature, with an option of a Gathering House as the Centre Focal Point of the community, all delivering the greatest solutions in True Sustainability along with some of the most innovative, current technologies for Clean Reusable Energy, Clean Air & Water, Growing Food, 

and Green Living.


Getting CREATIVE is where we need to be ~ such as, see what THIS Homeowner did architecturally!    CLICK HERE






The Gathering Eco-House


History proves that Gathering houses are important as to connect men and women in communities for further development, education, ideas and more....

Depending on the Homeowners desires inwhich are joining at the variety of GONE GREEN Eco-Villages, a suelo de la Tierra project, and the availability of funds from the project, there are two options for Sustainable Living with Food:


1) The Gathering House, Live Stock and Gardens may be built as the center focal point of the community and is shared by all in the community including a small monthly fee that will help provide funds for upkeep and maintenance of the Gathering House, Gardens, and Live Stock.


2)   or, homeowners can opt in to commit to growing at a  minimum of two vegetables and (if possible for the individual) including having at a minimum of one small farm animal on their property inwhich each week everyone in the Community can share at their own Community Farmer's Market, and with surrounding communities that are in need of Food - this will deliver True Sustainability to the the family, yet not the large upkeep of full gardening and farm animals.


This enhances the affordability of living in a True Sustainable Community, along with the Ease & Carefree living of food availability within~












For More Videos on these Green Projects / Green Homes, Green Ideas, click  & visit the TAB at the top of this page that reads:  MORE




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